Constitutional Issues


 Constitutional protections

     Most people today know that we are guaranteed certain rights upon which our country was founded and when those rights have been violated. The most common asaults to our liberties involve:

  • Religious Discrimination
  • Freedom of Speech and Association
  • Race/Gender Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Retaliatory Discharge (trying to enforce your rights)
  • Right to Bear Arms (Gun ownership)
  • Search and Seizure (4th Amendment) Issues
  • Due Process Issues
  • Police Misconduct

         We rely on our police to protect us and intervene when we or our loved ones have been threatened or placed in harms way.What we do not expect is for the police to use their color of authority to deprive us of our rights or be physically assaulted without provocation or legal right. Unfortunately that happens too often and misconduct occurs usually when the police use force as a first response instead of assessing the situation such as barging into someone's home on a domestic disturbance call before speaking with the occupants as to whether anyone could be hurt or in danger. Being assaulted by the police in one's own home is unfortunately not uncommon, even being tazed.

    * Excessive force

    * Warrantless search

    * Racial profiling

          If you have been the victim of police misconduct and excessive use of force it is extremly important that you obtain legal advice immediately as critical evidence can be mysteriously lost or erased. The sooner an attorney gets involved the better the chance of recovering damages before memories fade, stories get stronger, and the blue wall of silence forms.

         If your rights have been violated you have legal recourse to have those rights restored and to be compensated for damages that resulted from the violations. If you think your rights have been denied or are about to it is important to talk with someone prompty that has a broad understanding and training in Constitutional law. We can provide a free consultation and analysis of your case then recommend what we feel woud be your best course of action.