Personal Injury


Personal Injury

     Bad things unfortunately happen to good people and whether injury occurs by accident or by a deliberate act you may incur physical and financial damage that can devestate your health and financial future for years to come. Protecting your rights should begin on the first day you suffer injury. Insurance companies will do everything they can to keep from paying for your medical bills and suffering, don't jeopardize your recovery, let us get between you and the insurance company right away and NEVER speak to them directly, they will look for ways of using anything you say against you to try and minimize their liability.

What will we do to protect your rights and see that you receive all that you deserve?

*      We will zealously represent you and collect no fee unless we win your case.

*      We will start on day one to make sure witness statements and evidence are preserved.

*      We will keep you informed at every stage and never make promises we will not be able to keep.

*      We will treat you with the respect and compassion you and your loved ones deserve and expect.

*      We have negotiated over $4 million in settlements this year alone. 


Why do you need a lawyer?

      Critical evidense must be preserved, our job is to put the other side on notice immediately to preserve any vehicles and black boxes because the insurance companies will try to get rid of that evidense if there is no one asking for it. Having an attorney involved early on shows the insurance companies that you mean business, your injuries are serious, and you intend to hold them accountable. Being proactive early on often results in higher awards and settlements as witness statements are fresh, evidense is accessible and can be preserved, and medical care is appropriately directed towards achieving the best medical outcome and recovery.