Criminal Matters

Representation for a criminal matter is something most people never expect to need. But when you do, you need someone that can act quickly to protect your Constitutional rights and to protect your liberty. Whether you or a loved one has been arrested or suspected of a crime, failure to get immediate representation can have dire consequences. Regardless of whether the matter is big or small,  you need the protection of a lawyer. A conviction will follow you for a lifetime with devastating consequences for you and your family. Having someone to protect you and get between you and the prosecutors is critical, never volunteer information without your attorney present. 

Facing prosecution can emotionally cripple a person with fear, don't allow that to happen. You need to put the fear aside and partner with a lawyer that will strategize with you, investigate for you, and mount the strongest possible defense.

I am particulalry concerned about our returning veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts that they are being treated unfairly in our courts. Psychic wounds lead to drug problems, emotional problems, and often result in criminal behavior such a violent outbursts, irrational reactions, and domestic violence. I am very supportive and invloved in the new Veterans Treatment Courts, if someone you care about is a veteran and facing criminal charges, please call me.

Areas of representation include but are not limited to:

*     DUI

*     Battery/Assault

*     Drug offenses                               

*     Domestic Battery

*     Theft/Embezzlement

If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges and is a veteran of the Iraqi or Afgan conflicts contact me about the Veterans Treatment Court.