Payment Options

Payment for legal services can be one of the most difficult obstacles for anyone facing a legal challenge. We offer flat fees, sliding scale hourly fees, and payment plans, offering our clients flexibility and alternatives to the traditional legal fee arrangement.

Initial one hour consultations are free, we have special reduced rates for Veterans and active duty members of the military:

We offer flat rate fees for:

Family law - Simple uncontested divorce, Modifications

Real estate - Sale/Transfer, Mortgages, Landlord/Tenant

Wills and Estates - Elder Law, Trusts, Probate

Contracts - Drafting and Review

We offer sliding scale hourly rates for:

Criminal Matters - DUI, Misdemeanor, Felony

Complex Family Law - Contested divorce/custody,  Pre-Nuptial

General Law matters - Health Law, Consumer law, etc.

Payment Plans
- Are available after an initial retainer

Cases involving violations of ones Civil Rights, Employment Discrimination, Medical Malpractice, or Personal Injury, may be taken on a fee contingency basis after review of your case.

For your convenience we accept Pay-Pal, Visa, or Mastercard.